Final Vanguard

Fight for survival as you pilot humanity's last push against a dark adversary.

Final Vanguard is a top-down space shooter currently in development by indie developer Heavy Pepper and set for release on iOS and Android devices.

A last ditch effort to reclaim the solar system.

In orbit over the Moon, you scramble to your strike fighter, select your load-out and descend into the thick of battle. Traveling above the Lunar surface you’re met with a hail of enemy fire, laser weapons and missiles. Expertly dodging each attack you return fire, understanding the minions you just destroyed were only a taste of the horrors to come...

Alpha Gameplay Footage


Sheild Corvette

Missile Corvette

Skill-based Character Progression.

Skill-based Character Progression.

Pilot multiple ship classes from advanced strike fighters to heavy mobile weapon platforms. Upgrade ship components and weapons to become the ultimate fighting force in the solar system.

Challenging Enemy Types.

Challenging Enemy Types.

Battle against multiple enemy classes each with unique characteristics, weapons and attack patterns. Defend yourself against beam weapons, missile salvos and relentless enemy fire as you complete each mission.

Epic Battles.

Epic Battles.

Fight across the solar system from the toxic atmosphere of Venus, the baron wastelands of Mars, to the once gleaming cities of Earth. Bear witness to the carnage laid upon humanity by a ruthless occupation.

Creating mobile games.

Heavy Pepper is the work of David Tym, a 20 year veteran of the web development space turned indie mobile game developer. Currently producing his first game, Final Vanguard, David utilizes Unity, Blender and Photoshop as the primary tools of the trade. Production is forged on a laptop during a daily commute to Toronto, Canada – giving new meaning to mobile games both in development and play.

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